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Winter Festival, Berlin


09 - 19 Dec 2021


All Day

CHORALSPACE Winter Festival 2021

The CHORALSPACE Winter Festival is an innovative event that enables, supports, and showcases international choral friendship. The event presents seasonal concerts created by local and international choirs in some of Berlin’s most beautiful winter venues.

December is a special month for Berlin’s choral community. Hundreds of concerts are celebrated every day, and the variety of the repertoire is just exceptional. We welcome choirs from around the world to join Berlin’s colorful choral community and create unforgettable moments of music celebration.

A residence program – individually scheduled to meet the expectations of the travelling ensembles and showcase their singing tradition – is created for those international choirs visiting Berlin during these special weeks. Rehearsals and performances are scheduled in some of the best venues the city has to offer.

The Choral Cluster, A Collaborative Process of International Friendship and Legacy

A premiering element of the CHORALSPACE Winter Festival is the Choral Cluster, a collaborative group of three ensembles that work together to develop the program of their festival participation. The Artistic Director of the festival will schedule the online working sessions of each cluster and moderate their meetings. This collaborative process will maximize the experience for all involved singers.





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