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Germany calls for open singing with Ukrainian refugees

'Fill the silence with your music!' was President Volodymyr Zelenskyj's appeal to those present at the Grammy Awards ceremony on 4 April 2022.

Responding to the Ukrainian President, organisations including Deutscher Musikrat (German Music Council), the ‘3 October – Germany sings and sounds’ initiative, the German Federal Music Association Choir and Orchestra and the German Choir Association are inviting choirs across Germany to sing peace songs together with refugees from Ukraine.

Performances will take place ‘on market squares, in refugee accommodation, community centres or cultural institutions’.

Professor Martin Maria Krüger, President of the German Music Council, said, ‘As the umbrella organisation of musical life, the German Music Council with its unparallelled network in all areas of musical life is committed to co-operation, peace, solidarity and empathy. Let’s create connections with the medium that reaches everyone: music, the language of the heart.’

Even in the darkest days, singing gives strength

Christian Wulff, President of the German Choir Association, said, ‘People are particularly close when they sing; singing together connects. Even in the darkest days, singing gives strength, across borders and languages. Standing together and expressing solidarity is a matter close to the heart of all choirs, especially at this time of a terrible war in the middle of Europe.’

More information

3. October – Germany sings and sounds provides a package of five songs of hope and peace, some also in Ukrainian, including sheet music, audio files for practicing the singing voices and playbacks.