Tobias Hug, 1976-2020 – ‘a true gentleman of the vocal world’

Tobias Hug. Photo © Ben Hopper

Tobias Hug, founding member of The Beatbox Collective, former Swingle Singer and an extraordinarily charismatic choral educator, died on 9 January 2020 after a two-year battle with cancer.

The following tribute comes from fellow members of The Beatbox Collective.

‘Today we lost a friend, a teacher, legend and a vocal cord of this world. His soul and voice will resonate through universes to come. Tobias Hug – The BFG (Big Friendly German). Founding member of The Beatbox Collective and Beatvox, and former Swingle Singer, very sadly passed after battling cancer for two years. We had our final jam with him a few days ago in Freiburg and his bass and voice came through and we shared some joyful moments with him.

‘There wasn’t a stone unturned in the vocal world with the unbelievable range of accolades he achieved and unlimited smiles, friends and memories he created. He taught us the discipline of being a professional vocalist and pushed even beyond this with his always fun approach, insane pitch range and original techniques he shared and pioneered with so many. His kindness and friendship has touched us all and our love, thoughts and strength are with his wonderfully supportive family right now. May his sounds, songs and rhythms be heard forever more in legacy to a true gentleman of the vocal world.

‘Please raise a glass and make a silly sound today for Tobias Hug. You will be incredibly missed and we will sing with you in the next life and always in our hearts and minds in this one.’

The Beatbox Collective

Photos: Header – Tobias Hug (credit: Ben Hopper); above – Tobias Hug (back row, centre) with members of The Beatbox Collective (credit: The Beatbox Collective)

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